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Avalon 2005

Had a few friends visit Melbourne for the weekend. We not only had a ball at the Airshow, but also visited the RAAF Museum and had the opportunity to catch up with "my" VH-BOB.


More on "my" VH-BOB :-)


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Avalon 2003

Didn't take any worthwhile photos that I hadn't taken the year before.


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Avalon 2001 Report
I bought a Gold Pass for Friday, 16/8/2001.  This provided reserved carparking (closer, but useless when it came time to leave), a reserved grandstand seat (well worth having), access to Gold Pass area (next to useless), Programme and schedule of events for Air Display program.  The Gold Pass ticket also permitted access to the Air Show and Trade Show from 9am - public admitted at 6pm - no crowds - excellent - and the night show from 7pm.

On balance ......... there was a lot of rubbish that could have been omitted, a number of disappointments and poor organization issues, but a lot of excellent displays and demo flights made the day an overall success.

High points:
* demo flights of:
- C-17A Globemaster 111
- Caribou, doing, among other things, the "wheelbarrow" - a front wheel touch-and-go landing - for the full length of the runway!
- Choppers - Kiowa, Blackhawk, Iroquois and Chinook
- F/A18F Super Hornet
- F111
- F-15C Eagle
- F-16C
- Roulettes
- Supermarine Spitfire
- Tornado GR1
- industry expo - trade stands, samples from a number of museums
- spoke with the guy who did the TV (Getaway) segment on the Mustang flight that led to my wife booking my flight
- spoke with a Longbow Apache pilot - been flying the birds since 1985 - Desert Storm, etc.
- bought a Mustang peaked cap ;-)
- remembered to wear comfy shoes
- static displays of B1 bomber and absolutely HEAPS of other aircraft, including most of the aircraft listed above

Low Points:
- 2 Mustangs on display in afternoon only, but no flights - "engine trouble" - I later heard that THREE Mustangs flew together on Saturday - ARGGHH - note to self - 3-day pass next time
- No Attack Choppers on display or flights - "lack of crews"
- 1 hour to leave carpark - buses and cars were entering with right-of-way over exiting vehicles
- food and drink - lousy and expensive
- in the Gold Pass area there was even less food (in quantity and variety) with long queues
- jarring, inappropriate music played for most of the day - the only exception being, as the choppers flew in - Wagner's "Ride of the Valkeries", as played in "Apocalypse Now"
- forgot the sunscreen - was burnt to a crisp

The Night Show:
- excellent "dump and burn" by an F111
- excellent wall of fire - simulated attack by F111
- the simulated bombing by the F111 had "out of sequence" explosions
- boring hang-gliders, repeated several times
- boring, jarring voice-over, trying to hype-up the events, with terrible, inappropriate music


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Avalon 2001 Fotos
B1 Bomber - coulda sworn I also took a shot of the rear of the plane ;-(
Black Hawk
Black Hawk
C-7 Caribou - made my first jump out of this plane - all 3 feet of it ;-)
Cessna 310 - sweet !!
What is this?  an X-Wing?  .... no, a kit plane - Dragonfly
Dragonfly 2
Dragonfly 3
F/A-18 F Super Hornet
F-16, F-16, F/A-18 F Super Hornet, and RAF Tornado
Kaman Super Seasprite
Lockheed Hudson
Lockheed Hudson
Mustang ........ aaaaaahhhhhh ......... NOW we're talking PLANES !!!!!!!!!!
Camouflage Mustang - have you read the story of my flight in one these?
Qantas Apollo - brave passengers?
Roulettes 1
Roulettes 2
Ryan Cockpit - basic stuff ;-)
SE5A Replica
Supermarine Spitfire HF-VIII aaaahhhhh
Red Alert YAK - named after the game? ...doubt it !
More YAKs
no pic
no pic
View pics from My Mustang Flight
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