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A 1997 TV story on Bob Eastgate's Mustang changed my life.

My wife saw the story and booked a joyflight for my Birthday.

I now blame her for my addiction to all things aircraft. :-)

What a girl - I'm a lucky fella !


Scroll down for updates from my subsequent visits, photos (of the aircraft, my flight and others' flights), videos, links, etc.


2003 - News from Owner
Mustang Pics 2

At the 2004 Tyabb Airshow

Chris' VH-BOB Flight Pics
More Aircraft Links

** Update March, 2009 **

The owners are sourcing or manufacturing the required parts and all is on-track for the rebuild. Unfortunately, it will still be quite some time before she's ready to fly.


** 5 April, 2008 **

Unfortunately, due to a wheels up emergency landing, VH-BOB will not be flying for while, but she certainly will be flying again ! I've spoken with the owner a few times - we've formed something of a "friendship" over the last several years since I took my joyflight in VH-BOB and many people have booked a joyflight after visiting my website.

They were first and foremost, extremely happy that no-one was injured during this very well-executed landing and delighted to learn that the passenger has offered (requested?) to be the first passenger in VH-BOB when she's ready to fly again. Yes, of course she'll fly again - no question!


Click here for a video of the landing


Wheels Up Landing
Wheels Up Landing
Wheels Up Landing


** July, 2007 **

The plane is undergoing its annual service at Pt Cook. We hope to be back in the air by early September, 2007.




** March, 2005 **

2005 Avalon Airshow Weekend - Visit to VH-BOB Hangar

I was lucky enough to catch up with Bob, his son Rob and of course, VH-BOB at the hallowed hangar. Hover over pic for a description and click on it for a larger photo

Click here for more photos

Safely hangared
Bob unveils a work-in-progress
The driver's seat


** May, 2004 **

Engine Test Photos - Report from Owner

A full power test run was carried out at night to achieve 3000 rpm and 61 inches of boost, and to note the colour of the exhaust to determine if it's running or rich or lean, burning oil etc. Its an essential test! At full power the flames out of the exhaust would be a foot long and the noise smacks you in the face!! Its a awesome sight and sound!

( Bugger - wish I'd been there ! )




** 19 April, 2004 **


Someone finally contacted me to let me know he was going for a flight. Of course I went down to Point Cook to share in the excitement. And he was excited before, after and (I'm sure) during. I took some photos - have a look - Chris' Mustang Flight Pics





** 11 February, 2004 **


Bob Eastgate's Mustang VH-BOB - A68-104 - will be at the next Tyabb Airshow on March 14, 2004 - http://www.pac.asn.au

The Airshow this year is advertized as having "the greatest collection of Mustangs seen in Australia since World War Two." All seven owners of the Mustangs flying in Australia have said they will be there! .... including the one I flew in (I spoke with the owner today).

I've been to the last 2 Tyabb Airshows - and had a great time. The Tyabb Airshow is smaller and "more intimate" than the Australian International Airshow at Avalon - http://www.airshow.net.au/index1.html.

In future, the Tyabb Airshow will be held every 2 years, as is the Avalon Airshow - so there'll be Tyabb one year and Avalon the next.




** October, 2003 **

I've been contacted by the owners of VH-BOB - A68-104 ! It seems that many people have been ringing up for bookings after reading my site! Furball's Website Mustang page seems to be famous. LOL ....... BUT ..... only one person has contacted me to invite me to watch their fun, so here's Furball's Email Address again. Here it is, SIX years after my flight and the panting is still with me.



"Performing test runs of our new engine. We did a night run yesterday evening (24 september, 2003) - quite spectacular and very successful. The engine now has to be put into the plane, the 100-hourly service undertaken and then she will be ready to fly again. The rudder needs new fabric and a whole host of other things and it looks like it will be at least end of November. We still fly on Saturdays but will do specific days if we get at least 4 to 6 people (and of course an available pilot!!)

"It has been a big year for us, having finally completed our ex-ANA Run Truck - you can see a picture of this in the current Flight Path Mag. This has been a 13 year project! - all good things come to he who waits. Thanks again for mentioning us on your website and we look forward to meeting you again sometime later in the year down at Pt. Cook."






1.  Read the following
2.  Book your flight
3.  Let Fur know your flight date - Furball's Email Address - I'd like to see your flight - just watching is a buzz
4.  Have a ball !!!!!!!!



After seeing a story on TV about Bob Eastgate's P-51 Mustang joyflights at Point Cook, my wife organized one for my birthday.  I took the flight on 1 October 1997 and I still breathe hard whenever I think about it!  The day was perfect - the weather was perfect and I had an excellent pilot who normally flew 747s. 

A mate came down to watch and share the excitement; he videotaped the whole thing, as well as other flights taking off and landing.  A friend of his converted the video to a 250 MB AVI file (movie on CD), which I still watch often.

I used to recommend you take your own picnic/packed lunch and you still can. However, since my flight, Point Cook has undergone something of a population explosion. I can now recommend that you visit the Waterfront Cafe at Sanctuary Lakes for excellent, good-value meals.

Book the last flight if possible - I did and my flight was longer than the advertized time - maybe just a fluke.

You will experience straight flying, knife-edge, wingovers, 4G's, but not aerobatics - they don't want to stress the plane <grin>.

If you've heard me talk about my flight, you'll know that the 18-minute video has a 45-minute accompanying "talk"  babbling, really <grin>.  You'll also know that even though my flight was back in October, 1997, I still get extremely excited whenever I think/talk about it. 

But I probably won't do it again - everything was just perfect - the weather, the pilot, etc. I had a Jumbo pilot named John, who asked if I minded if he did some practice for an upcoming airshow - mind? Hell, no! :-) Another flight could not be as good.

If you have even the slightest thought that you'd like to take this flight, JUST DO IT!!!  It's amazing how long a flight can last - mine's lasted for years (grin).

The Mustang is one of the greater fighter planes of WWII; it was even used by Australia during the Korean War in the 1950s.

Today, there are just 5 Mustangs still flying in Australia out of the 200 that were built here.

The privately-owned Mustang based at Point Cook has been immaculately restored and you can ride in this 50 year old plane!

The rear cockpit is a little cramped, but the view is pretty good!  (If you're tall, it's great!)  You are given a pair of headphones and a mike, but the engine is so noisy that conversation is almost impossible.

The engine is a Rolls Royce Merlin, 1700 horsepower that hurls the Mustang through the sky at speeds up to 600 km/hr.

During the flight you find out what it was like to be a fighter pilot in WWII; the downside is that if you're not used to it, you can get motion sickness.  (I didn't, but had to remember the pilot's instructions about emptying my lungs and holding my stomach muscles tightly to stop my innards from being pushed out <grin>.)

The feeling is nothing like flying in a modern plane; it is however, just about the fastest motor sport around.  They call the mustang the "Cadillac of the skies".

While you are at the base, the new display at the RAAF Museum is definitely worth a look (entry via $ donation).  There are lots of great planes including souvenirs from the last plane flown by Manfred Van Richthofen, the Red Baron!  The museum is open Sat/Sun from 10:00am till 5:00pm, phone 1902 240 553, Curator's phone (03) 9256 1279.  As a guide, allow 2-4 hours for a tour of the museum.  (I have to say I didn't do the museum - we were getting too high, watching other flights.)


The Mustang is based at the RAAF Museum (website & Fur's Fotos) at Point Cook about 30km west of Melbourne.



Flights are available most Saturday afternoons, weather permitting.  Normally only 6 flights on the day.  See Bob's website (below) for more details - www.mustangjoyflights.com.au

Take Geelong Rd. from Melbourne
Past Laverton, past the Baseball Museum, round bend, take the first (of the 2) exits on left to Point Cook
Thru roundabout, sign to RAAF museum, 2-3 Kms, into RAAF base - stop for Security Pass
Straight past the RAAF Museum, ahead towards "the water", heading for the southern tarmac and look for Hanger 211 and Mustang VH-BOB

ENJOY  !!!!!!!!
Click on thumbnail pic for larger image
no pic
no pic
Indeo5 codec.exe - might be needed for videos - 560K
  Furball_Mustang100.avi - 1.7MB Furball_Mustang111.avi - 1.6MB
  Furball_Mustang101.avi - 2.1MB Furball_Mustang112.avi - 2.2MB
  Furball_Mustang102.avi - 1.9MB Furball_Mustang113.avi - 2.0MB
  Furball_Mustang103.avi - 1.7MB Furball_Mustang114_111_112_113.avi - 5.7MB
  Furball_Mustang104.avi - 1MB Furball_Mustang115.avi - 2.4MB
  Furball_Mustang105.avi - 1.4MB Furball_Mustang116.avi - 1.7MB
  Furball_Mustang106.avi - 1.2MB Furball_Mustang117.avi - 2.3MB
  Furball_Mustang107.avi - 900K Furball_Mustang118.avi - 2.2MB
  Furball_Mustang108.avi - 760K Furball_Mustang119.avi - 2.2MB
  Furball_Mustang109.avi - 1.1MB Furball_Mustang120.avi - 2.4MB

~ Below is a nice Youtube video ~

Not Bob's Mustang - and I hate the colour - but, OHHHHHHHH, that SOUND !

Click on "Menu" for more or go to Youtube.

Are you hooked yet? :-D



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