Fur's First Helicopter Lesson


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............ and probably, my last - lotsa $$$ to get a licence :-(



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All set to fly !


Moorabbin Airport was the location for this terrific Birthday present in 2005 !

What a hoot !

20 minute briefing: "This is how to fly."

40 minute flight: "Now it's your turn to fly."

The instructor took off and we made our way to the Moorabbin Training Area on a very busy, beautiful (23C) Melbourne Sunday, with only a light wind to help steer the thing and a Tigermoth and other assorted aircraft buzzing us (too often).

Once away from anything we could hit, I had the controls: cyclic, collective, tail rotor pedals. Very pleased to have the instructor there though, lemme tell ya. Where's that throttle again? What altimeter? bubble gauge? hhmm ..... manifold pressure? ..... other aircraft? ..... he can watch those things - it's his chopper, after all.

Could see Melbourne skyline immediately after take-off. Damned hard to get one's bearings from the air. Was over my place before I knew it - gave controls back to him for a coupla minutes, so I could take some pics.

If money were no object, which would I prefer to learn - fixed-wing, or helicopter?

  • Fixed-wing:
    • faaaaaaaaster :-)
    • maybe easier?
  • Helicopter:
    • very much slower
    • lower altitude (usually 1500-2000 feet) - therefore, GREAT views
    • need to have both hands on controls (cyclic and collective) and feet moving the pedals ALL the time
    • can imagine there'd be plenty of time to take in the great view (well, with an instructor onboard there was, or after many hours experience)
    • SOOOO maneuverable ! Fantaaaaaaastic !

HHHMMMM - I think I'll leave the decision of which until I've had more hours flying both - if I get that "lotsa $$$". But - from a short "joy-flight" perspective, who cares about the $$$? An excellent way to spend time. If you're thinking: "maybe I'd like that", think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime thing and DO IT !!

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